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Taxidermied Genius
by Wearingeul


"Taxidermied genius" is the description used in a modernist Korean short story to describe the feeling of alienation of the protagonist, but the image also evokes the fate of Jacques Silvert in Rachilde's decadent novel Monsieur Vénus. Though it's a stretch to describe Jacques as a "genius" (though perhaps he is something of a genie),  taxidermy might be one way to describe how he ends up. It's a wonder there aren't more decadent stories about human taxidermy.


Appropriately enough, this ink from Korean manufacturer Wearingeul, part of a series "to express the color and atmosphere felt from literary works," is dominated by a blood red but with just a tinge of a sickening green that captures the sheen that sets in on meat that is starting to rot when seen in a certain light.

taxidermied photo.jpg
Taxidermied ink.JPG
taxidermied ink.JPG
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